John Yakotu is a video game director, currently developing the upcoming video game Never shout Nevermind and founder of Belgi, a publishing company.

Early LifeEdit

John Yakotu was born in the Southern California area, and after graduating high school, decided to move to New York. John Yakotu has stated that the brand Perry Ellis, and the video game publisher: Square Enix, were inspirations for him to create his own brand. Yakotu has also said renown video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto, is his favorite developer and is one of the main reasons why he branched into the video game industry.


While in New York, John Yakotu had seen many fashion trends around the fashion district located near Midtown, Manhattan. Yakotu started to look more into the youth fashion brands and came across one of the most renown fashion buildings the 109 department store, located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Inspired by the rapid fashion changes that occur in Shibuya, Yakotu wanted to make similar clothing just as what is used in Shibuya. Yakotu would then find a company called Belgie.

While visiting Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City, Yakotu stopped by the Nintendo World store, and the SONY Wonder Lab. It was then that he decided he wanted to branch out into the entertainment industry, changing the company name from Belgie, to Belgi Co.. He didn't want to seperate the name from its original finding, so he decided to just drop the "e". Under Belgi, anoother company named: TAIM, provides music support for the projects he works for.